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Real Estate Writing Tips

Friday, September 4th 2015.

How will the new breed of real estate agents succeed?

They’ll write and publish online content.

10 years ago, writing wasn’t a necessary task for any agent. In 2009, there’s hardly an agent getting started in real estate that hasn’t heard of a blog, ezinearticles, or digg and the many benefits associated with publishing information online. If you’re already a successful agent, writing will only make you better.

The agent controlling the best and most information in their market wins. Writing doesn’t just help your website rank better, it keeps you informed and connected. Would it make sense for you to right about the same thing over-and-over? By writing, you become an expert in many things, and overtime, people will notice.

If you don’t have time to write, find time, or partner up with someone that can. A new breed of agents that grew up online definitely will. Here are a few tips to help you get started…

Enjoy your writing and just get started…

Don’t make your next article or blog post a job. Writing a couple hundred words each day about issues that interest you will help get you writing. Write daily about things you take pleasure in, and I can guarantee that all aspects of your writing and communication skills will improve. Just get started…your career may depend on it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Not all agents are good at writing but every agent can improve their writing with practice. For me, writing is a passion, which continues to get stronger each day. However, without writing every day I could not have written three books, hundreds of articles and hundreds of blog posts. A calendar helps me stay motivated with my writing. One huge calendar and a red marker is all I need to stay consistent and motivated. I draw a big red X each day I write. At the end of each week, I look at the calendar and if I have a row of red Xs, I know I just created content that can bring me leads for months and years.

Use an Outline

When I write, having an outline is essential because it helps me put my ideas in order and “on paper”. This helps me focus on writing, instead of wasting time on another round or two of research. There’s no “set” standard for an outline, just jot down your main topics, and a couple initial thoughts for each (link if needed) and use the outline to stay on topic.

Writing isn’t always fun, but if you get started and write about issues you enjoy, a little practice and an outline may make it more bearable. The internet changed the real estate game forever and the new breed of agents is going to reach consumers by providing them with information they’re looking for, online, while they’re looking for it.

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